Distinguished Speakers in Communication Theory & Systems
Seminar Series Fall 2018
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Seminar Series
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5:00pm – 6:20pm
Atkinson Hall Auditorium
UC San Diego


10.01.18 – Natalia Varava
10.08.18 – Sherman Chen
10.15.18 – Vinko Erceg
10.22.18 – Ronny Hadani
10.29.18 – Frank van Diggelen
11.05.18 – Steffen Hellmold
11.12.18 – VETERANS DAY
11.19.18 – John Smee
11.26.18 – John Cioffi
12.03.18 – Vasu Parthasarathy

ECE 293. Distinguished Speakers in Communication Theory and Systems

Qualcomm Institute and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department present the first seminar series on communication theory and systems. Speakers will cover topics in diverse areas, including wireless, optical, location, storage and networking. The goal of this series is to promote the development and use of theory informed by the most recent advancements in the field. Industry speakers, prominent in theory and practice, will share their research and insights each week. This series is unique in that each speaker is expected to spend the day at UC San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute and should be available for meetings and discussions with interested faculty, graduate students, and startups.


Cost: FREE

ECE 293 Students:
No Registration Necessary.

IEEE Members & UCSD Affiliates:
Please Pre-Register to Reserve Your Seats.
Pre-Registration Closes Sunday Afternoon Before Each Seminar.



  • Natalia Varava Partner Group SW Engineering Manager, Microsoft Azure

    Reliable Networking @ Cloud Scale
    OCTOBER 1, 2018

  • Sherman Chen Vice President of Engineering, Broadcom

    A Mathematical Theory of Compressed Video Buffering: Traffic Regulation for End-to-End Video Network QoS
    OCTOBER 8, 2018

  • Vinko Erceg Fellow, Broadcom

    Latest WLAN Developments – IEEE 802.11
    OCTOBER 15, 2018

  • Ronny Hadani CTO, Cohere Technologies

    OTFS a Novel Modulation Scheme Addressing the Challenges of 5G
    OCTOBER 22, 2018

  • Frank van Diggelen Principal Engineer, Google

    How to Get One-Meter Location-Accuracy from Android Phones
    OCTOBER 29, 2018

  • Steffen Hellmold Vice President Corporate Strategy, Western Digital

    In the Grips of the Charge Trap
    NOVEMBER 5, 2018

  • John Smee Vice President of Engineering, Qualcomm

    Realizing 5G’s Full Potential
    NOVEMBER 19, 2018

  • John M. Cioffi Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
    Chairman & CEO, ASSIA Inc.

    NOVEMBER 26, 2018

  • Vasu Parthasarathy Technical Director, Broadcom

    SerDes Copper and Optical High-Speed Interconnect Standards and Technology for Short and Long Haul Communications
    DECEMBER 3, 2018

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