Natalia VaravaPartner Group SW Engineering Manager, Microsoft Azure

    Reliable Networking @ Cloud Scale
    In building cloud services, our responsibility is to provide mission critical support for all applications on the planet.  In this talk, I’ll touch on what reliability means at Cloud scale, and give fresh examples from Azure Networking, including ones where the source code is open and available for you on github.   With the right investments in the Cloud, we are able to achieve reliability along with code and infrastructure velocity.

    Microsoft Responsibilities/Contributions – Natalia is responsible for engineering and running cloud networking services in Azure, including DNS, Tenant facing Network Configuration and Network Watcher services. Natalia is a long-term Microsoft veteran, where prior to joining Azure she was part of building the SDN stack for Private Cloud, and before that she was working on virtualization and management software.

    Education – Natalia graduated with honors and holds MS in CS, BS in economics back in Moscow, Russia and MBA at UW.

    Family/Other interests – between professional life and two little kids, Natalia occasionally adores opera and symphony. She used to enjoy travel, but that was before the kids life.

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